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Arenberg are on a mission to make it easier to share live action sports experiences.

I've had a Go Pro for years and for a while I loved it but not much of the content ever saw the light of day. First you have to engineer the camera to your activity, jack the data off the device, then edit it into reasonable format, then publish it, and at the end of the day who really wants to see it? Probably not the entirety of your network, colleagues, friends and family.

Well the team at Arenberg are a bunch of sports nuts who also happen to be long time founders, technologists, and executives who have been building digital content, applications and interactive platforms for over 20 years. Some of the team are deep into the cycling community. As we all know there is some serious passion, time, and money plunged into that category whether it's as a pastime or a profession. But pretty much the same can be said of any action sports whether snow & water sports, hiking, climbing, skateboarding or in fact any outdoor pursuits that involve inspiring scenery or moments in time,

It isn't just the capture of the experience on a camera, its the ability to easily share and enjoy those experiences with people who are equally obsessed. Think Twitch for real life. So far the beta trial of the platform EYE (which connects to any device or camera) is already has users in the thousands is taking tens of thousands of feeds a month at average of 25 feeds a month per user. While it started as a hack for cyclists to share rides and stories it has organically expanded to skiers, snowboarders, surfers, horse riders, hikers and climbers.

To ramp up the experiment and the content capture and experience Arenberg have designed a fully integrated helmet with 4K camera that captures and feeds high quality streaming video into the EYE community and whichever channels you choose to publish to, You can check out that product in the video below and there are a bunch more on Kickstarter. We think this has epic potential.

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