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Our Mission

We are hyper-focused on what's ahead. Our purpose is to make a positive impact on our collective futures, by helping positively disruptive ventures succeed. We have spent decades helping to build global companies as founders, executives, partners, and investors. Our mission is to solve the world's biggest problems by helping ventures and entrepreneurs bring innovation to global markets.

Our team


Jason Senn

Founding Partner

Jason is a pioneer in transformative ventures and technology. His journey has led Jason and his family across the US, APAC and EU as both a founder and in growth focused roles for startups, scaleups and multinational brands.


As a founding member of Urchin which ultimately became Google Analytics, Jason was also a member of the founding team of Google enterprise, and subsequently responsible for international sales, market and ecosystem development for Google, Gigya, and EY.


As co-founder of Storr and now Codec Jason offers unique perspective and access into global venture markets. 

Some History:

  • Storr, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

  • EY Digital & New Business Models, Associate Partner

  • Gigya, Managing Director, JAPAC

  • Google

    • Partnership & Ecosystem Development

    • Google Enterprise, founding team member

    • Google Analytics, founding team member


Jon Tanner

Founding Partner

Jon has been advising startup, scale-up, and enterprise clients on leadership, executive search, and talent acquisition for digital ventures and transformation for almost two decades. He has established networks, operations and relationships across APAC, North America, and Europe.


Jon is an active early-stage investor and a passionate supporter of entrepreneurs, ventures, and innovation. Jon and his firm have helped build boards and leadership teams for new ventures and supported market entry for more than a 1000 companies including Square, Dropbox, Etsy, Deliveroo, BCG DV, Survey Monkey, Uber, The Athletic, CultureAmp, Rebbuble, and Envato. 

Some History:

  • DVX Partners, Co-founder

  • MitchelLake Group, Co-founder 

  • Director, Chilco Ventures

    • Biteable​ (Investor)

    • Vudoo (Investor)

    • SocietyOne (Investor)

    • (Investor)

    • Genos International (Founding team, fan)

Recent media:

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